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Rent A Private Island In Georgia With Friends

Tourist woman lying on hammock on a tropical beach, Thailand.

We're supposed to be in groups of 10 or less, so this GA Island would be the perfect spot for the ultimate friends quarantine getaway! And all for like $200/person.

Forget the AirBnB, live like a celebrity in Georgia on Eagle island. It house up to 11 people, so split the cost and you could have the most memorable time of your life with some awesome friends or family members.

Eagle Island is a private 10-acre island located off the Darien River in Darien, Georgia. With a giant vacation rental on the property that has a wrap around porch, hot tub, hammocks and more. It's the relaxation dream you've been wanting.

You can rent a boat for $190 and go fishing, sailing, even see some dolphins jump! How amazing does that sound. I'm so sold on this. And it's a 4 hour drive from Atlanta?!

There are natural hiking trails with amazing views and beautiful spots to watch the sunset. There is also tasty fresh seafood at a local spot called Skippers Fish Camp, or catch your own crabs in crab traps, which are included in your stay.

Can I just move here?!

It's not bad on price at all. It all depends on the number of people and the dates but Thurs-Sunday with more than 3 people you can do it for about $600/person, according to narcity.com.

So who's goin in with me? this sounds absolutely amazing!

Here's more info and how to book.

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