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Georgia Senior Parade Leads To "Cluster Of Cases" For COVID-19

(Photo by Emily Ranquist from Pexels)

Overall, Georgia cases have flattened following out opening back up, but one senior class parade has lead to a cluster of new cases in Fulton County.

It's important to try your best to stay 6ft apart and wear masks when in public for events like this. A drive by Senior parade is proof that COVID is real and can spread fast. Lovett School seniors had a recent drive by senior parade in Georgia and a cluster of students are COVID-19 positive now.

Health officials are closely monitoring the students and the school has issued a letter to all parents. Despite the school not being in session since March, many students from the private school got together to celebrate graduation and it's assumed that's where the spread occurred.

Fulton County health officials are contact tracing right now for more information. Hope it was just a small instance and they can get it under control, but more proof we all need to be a little more conscience of how we interact with those around us. I'm sure no one was showing signs or knew they had it but now several do.

No reports of any serious symptoms yet but they have all self-quarantined now to prevent it moving further.

(source: 11 Alive)

(Pic: Wikimedia Commons)

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