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SC Restaurant Using Blow-Up Dolls In Empty Seats

Owners of a South Carolina eatery say they want to make the experience less awkward for patrons.... right, cause blow up dolls are much less awkward.

The Open Hearth steak and seafood restaurant in Greenville, South Carolina, is back open for business but have a lower capacity for patrons with the new guidelines. Tables will have to be spaced out and some left empty to keep people safe. Instead of the empty awkwardness, the owners are going to use seat fillers in the form of blow up dolls.

To be clear, thankfully they didn't go buy them down at the local sex shop. There aren’t any obscene body parts, but they are blow dolls nonetheless. Five men and five women to be exact.

Customers are actually enjoying the creative idea, the owners said. They’re sitting down with the blow-up dolls to take pictures, and even offering to buy them cocktails. Not sure what the protocols is on getting their number or asking them to come home with you though?!

Other restaurants around the country are trying similar ideas, one with giant teddy bears.

Or these Bumper Bar Tables to keep people at a distance look fun!

One Chicago restaurant is using Harry Carry cut-outs! "HOLY COW!"

(Source The Daily Meal)

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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