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Prep School's Jet Ski Graduation Happens in Florida

(Courtesy of Somerset Prep School)

This is probably the coolest graduation idea I've seen EVER. A Jet Ski grad ceremony for a high school in Florida was EPIC!

Somerset Island Prep, in Key West, Florida, held a ceremony on the ocean. Students all had jet ski's and jetted across the water to a boat to grab their diplomas, all while following social guidelines.

How amazing and fun does that sound. These kids probably preferred doing it this way. Little awkward if you where the one that decided to go naked under your gown. You know... wind and all.

he graduation took place last Tuesday off Key West’s Southernmost House ,according to Fox News. Principal Tom Rompella had a long pole her used to hand off the diplomas from a boat out in the water. Granted, this was much easier to do with only 11 graduating students. This would've been a locistical nightmare for a class of 300+, but I live up near Lake Norman. I think Buford or Lanier could still make this a thing!?

“This final ceremony for our seniors represents the same theme that has played out throughout the entirety of their time at Island Prep,” Rompella said in a press release. “That no barrier is too large to overcome and that through creativity and hard work we can overcome any challenge.”

AMAZING! Top notch. Love the creativity.

The school was only founded in 2010, but is a great alternative to traditional high schools. Recently ranked as one of the 2020 Best High School In the U.S.. Yeah... because you get to jet ski!!

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