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Two Inmates Break Out Of Italian Prison But Promise "'We'll Be Back" Soon

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Italian Police are looking for the escaped prisoners who left a note saying they'd "be back" in 15 days. Who believes them? #MoronMonday

On June 2nd, cousins Davad Zukanovic and Lil Ahmetovic cut through the bars on their prison cell window, rappelled down the prison wall, grabbed a fire hydrant water hose and climbed over the outer wall and barbed wire with a wire cutter.

Don't worry though... they're coming back.That's according to their note left in the prison cell with their fingerprints and hand writing. They wrote that there was urgent family problem and they promised to be back in 15 days. Italian police aren't buying it though, they have a full search party for the 2 fugitives currently.

Both are in jail serving a sentence for non-violent crimes and where due to be released in 2029, but now they could each tack on another 5 years if they are caught. I'm curious what the urgent family thing was? Bar Mitzvah? Wife's having her baby? Grandma is sick? Or maybe the celibacy kicked in a little too hard.

(Rome Prison Mug Shots Release To Public)

How are they going to break back in is my other question? Knock on the front door and bring some chocolate as gifts? "Hey guys, we're back! Sorry... had to go wack a few of James Bond's counterparts." I mean... they do look like hitmen for a bond villian. Or someone who kidnapped Liam Neeson's daughter for the 4th time.


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