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Thermostat Wars At Home, The Struggle Is Real

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Are you the 69 degrees at all times person or like my wife and loves it to feel like Alaska? Majority of people said they won't date someone if they don't have the same thermostat etiquette.

This is a constant battle for many couples across the world. Where do you like the thermostat in your home when it's scorching hot outside? I personally like it around 72 so my bill doesn't make me sweat, and off if it's a nice cool day.

OnePoll in conjunction with Trane Residential found that the average temp for people to be comfortable was 69 degrees.

A study of over 2,000 Americans about the battle for the right thermostat temp. showed the struggle is real.

  • Most people said they'd endure 5 sleepless nights before throwing the air conditioner on (I was raised as an "open the windows if you're hot" kid, my wife not so much. One drop of sweat she's got it on.)
  • 55% said they felt defeated when they finally had to turn it on
  • 1 in 7 wait until August before the AC comes on, most turn it on in June (The August people obviously don't live in here)
  • 69% of people admit they use weather conversation for small talk (guilty)
  • Avg. person spends 265 hours a year spouting off weather info (not me! I'm not that concerned about it)
  • 44% have been in an argument over the thermostat (Many times, my wife is relentless at breaking records with our AC bill)
  • 25% of say they have ended a friendship due to thermostat arguments (better reasoning than a Facebook status I guess, haha)

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