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Driver's Show Bubba Wallace They've Got His Back Before Geico 500

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After a disgusting display of racism (a noose) showed up in Bubba Wallace's garage at Talladega, drivers showed out at the race today, to make sure Bubba knew they where standing with him.

Wallace was a victim of a disturbing and unacceptable display of hatred. NASCAR and the FBI are investigating it as a hate crime and trying to determine who had access to the area. It's gonna be bad news for the person that hung a noose where Bubba's car is garaged for the race.

Bubba was outspoken about the use of the Confederate flag not being displayed at races, and NASCAR banned the flags. Many protested the ban by displaying them outside the track this weekend, but one person took it to a disgusting low by hanging the symbol of horrible atrocities.

Wallace took it in stride, but his fellow drivers got together today before the race, to push his car to the starting line and used the #IStandWithBubba. It was also spray painted on the infield grass.

Wearing his American flag mask, Wallace teared up seeing the amazing display of love and kinship from teammates and even rivals. He shared a photo with all the guys around his car and wrote "Together".

We Stand with you too Bubba!

One person's horrible attitude and disgusting heart can't conquer the unity of many. Times are so tough right now, we need each other more than ever. Dividing ourselves over something like skin color, is just ignorant. We are all God's children and our talents and gifts as individuals, are what makes the world so amazing. Our diversity is our greatest assets as humans. Embrace it!

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