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90's Rapper Star Ja Rule In A Low Budget Greek Restaurant Commercial

Times are tough... but it's hard not laugh at where Ja Rule has landed in 2020. He's doing low budget commercials for a greek restaurant. He can't even pronounce most of the menu!

The 90's rapper turned failed festival entrepreneur is now paying bill with green screen commercials for eateries. Ja Rule is known for hits big 90's hits "Between Me And You" and "Always On Time", among several others. Just a few years ago he got in the festival business and created one of the biggest scams in festival history with the Fyre Festival disaster. Now he using his talents to sell Greek food, in a "so bad it's uncomfortable" restaurant spot.

Papa Cristo's Greek Grill in L.A. commercial features the actor/rapper in front of a green screen reading a script that he can't even pronounce most of. "You can't even pronounce the food, it's so go**amn good!" he says. Most of them are ridiculous furniture store commercials, but Ja Rule has found a way to make this one even worse than most. It's so uncomfortable, it's funny.

Ja Rule was a large part of my high school years in music. Instead of "It's Murdaa." like I was used to hearing him shout, now I guess his new catch phrase is "It's Baklava".


Turns out, Ja Rule is actually for a new TBS reality TV show,"Celebrity Show-Off,"where stars compete with each other to create compelling content to get the most YouTube views.

Ja Rule said he wants to use his notoriety to help struggling businesses with their marketing. He chose Papa Cristo's in L.A. as one of the first businesses.

He explains it in the video below. The commercial is horrible, but it's gone viral, so I guess it's working. Is Ja a marketing genius now?

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