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Bubba Wallace "Noose" Was Garage Door Pull Rope

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UPDATE: NASCAR confirms the rope from the garage pull was what was found. FBI say there was "No Federal Crime"

Some are finding it hard to believe with the limited access to driver's garages, that the alleged noose was actually that. Some believe it may have actually just been a typical rope to pull garage door.

Very few people are allowed into the garage areas, and they are under surveillance, so it would be hard to pull off a horrible act, like hanging a noose there, without getting caught. Not to say it couldn't happen, and it was all under investigation by NASCAR and the FBI. They just confirmed that the garage pull rope was what was found in his garage.

I had hoped no one could have that disgusting of a heart to do that to Bubba Wallace.

Media analyst Mark Dice, shared a twitter video starting theory, supposedly, of Garage #4 (the one Bubba's used at Talladega). In it, you can see the garage pull rope with a knot in it, for one to grab easier. It could resemble the alleged noose that Wallace's team is referring to, but that would mean he's probably seen it before.

Dice argued that there was a “99.9% chance” that the noose was in fact the garage pull that has been used like that long before.

@TheLastRefuge on twitter also shared this side-by-side, that shows the garage pull as well. In the 2020 picture, it's cut off.

The internet has a way of doing it's own interesting investigations and finding interesting info.

No I find it hard to believe NASCAR wouldn't have called B.S. on this right away, if that's all it was. Most drivers are probably very aware of what a garage pull looks like. So, now I have even more questions. Was this a publicity stunt? Was it just brought up to stir controversy by Wallace's team or even bigger NASCAR itself? Or somehow just a horrible mistake given the current world climate?

I'm happy that it was not the hate crime that it was assumed to be. No let's get some more answers about why this got blown out of proportion

(photo:Getty Images)

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