Viral Video Shows Idiot Misspelling "White" On His Fence

WARNING: language in video NSFW

A Tik Tok video of a man in Pennsylvania is going viral, because spelling is an important thing, when your trying to share your hate. This man was protesting BLM by painting "WIGHTE LIVES MATTER"... The ignorance is thick here!

A Sunbury, PA resident shared a video of someone in their community trying to spell out "White lives matter" on a white fence in front of their house. Even if we set a side the fact that scream ignorance in itself, he wasn't even smart enough to spell it right. Fortunately, there is no spell-check on spray paint can, so he didn't get his hateful message across. Instead he became the laughing stock of the world, when the video went viral.

Police are still investigating the incident to see if this was even his fence or if any crime was committed, after several complaints. Most of which where from his H.S. English teacher. Spelling Matters!

You can hear the neighbors in the video shared by Tik Toker @rdhick1999 saying "this can't be real" when they notice the message. It's a hateful message, but laughable because you can't even take them serious, with the stupidity that glares from their spelling of the message.

Let's all quit with the racism and just treat each other like human beings. Most of us are tired of the back and forth and just wanna find commonality. We all have tremendous value to this world BECAUSE of our differences!

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