Mini-Van Totals A $265K Lambo 20 Mins After He Bought It

(photo:Getty Images)

You think your day is going bad.....

Police in West Yorkshire, shared a picture of a totaled out Lamborghini Huracan Spyder on the side of an interstate they where called to. The car was just purchased not 20 minutes before the accident by the unidentified driver, who probably had to be taken by ambulance for a heart attack.

Only minor injuries where reported, but it seems the Lambo had some mechanical issues, as he sped down the interstate. He tried pulling over to the shoulder when it happened, that's when he was re-ended by a mini-van. Of all cars! Some Dad van smashes up this beautiful piece of art. I gotta admit, I almost did the same to a really Mercedes in our mini-van once. I got the wife passenger seat slap a lot for that one.

The 2020 black Lamborghini Huracan Spyder runs just under $265,000... I'm guessing the mini-van guy just got dropped by his insurance for that one.

This Lambo driver probably hadn't even called his insurance yet. They'll be excited about that one too. Do you have to get home owners on a car that expensive? DAMN! #WorstDayEVER

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