String Quartet Fills Theater With House Plants To Play A Live Show

An opera house in Spain didn't want their latest concert to be without an audience, so they filled the place with house plants. It looked like something out of Jurassic Park.

To celebrate the recent lifting of coronavirus restrictions a string quartet preformed a live stream concert for a room full of greenery.

The Teatre del Liceu opera house in Barcelona hosted a performance by a quartet that performed Puccini's "Crisantemi" for more than 2000 potted plants in attendance. The plants were brought in by local nurseries, which was the idea of a conceptual artist named Eugenio Ampudia. After the livestreamed concert on YouTube, the plants were eventually donated to healthcare workers. 

It was still odd without applause after each song, you know... because plants don't have hands. You must read the stellar reviews though by the succulents! By name, they are are a tough crowd, but even they were impressed.

I NEED A LIVE SHOW IN MY LIFE, ASAP! Maybe I can dress up like palm tree and sneak into a Luke Bryan live stream.

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