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List of Georgia Cities With Mask Mandates

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Several Georgia cities including Decatur and Atlanta just announced mandates for masks in public. Here is a list of all the Georgia cities who have signed mask requirement.

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has officially signed an ordinance requiring masks in public for the City of Atlanta on Thursday. The city of Decatur in Dekalb County just approved a mask ordinance requiring masks starting tomorrow (Saturday) at 8am.

Atlanta- requires masks in public places, parks, and airport. People under 10 are exempt, as well as, people with a disability that can't wear a mask. Violators could face up to $1,000 fine.

Athens-Clarke County - requirement does not apply to people in their vehicles, homes or yards, nor to children 10 and under, nor to people in church, though the ordinance does “encourage” churchgoers to wear masks.

Brookhaven - Over 10 required in public places and workplaces,. Exempt are people working out, eating, drinking, smoking, being inside your car and for those with medical conditions. Could face a $500 fine is caught without a mask.

Decatur - similar restrictions to Atlanta and Brookhaven. Goes into effect July 11th.

East Point - Everyone over 2 is required to wear a mask. Exceptions for working out, eating, drinking, smoking, being inside your car and for those with medical conditions, with a $75 fine.

Fairburn - Just approved the ordinance and details are still coming about requirements and restrictions. Likely will be much like the cities above.

Hinesville - mask required at any government buildings, restaurants or commerical establishments, anywhere there are not social distancing measures in place, and any outdoor event with 5 or more.

Savannah - first to implement to mandate. There is a $500 fine for violators.

The City Of South Fulton and Doraville are both considering the ordinances as well, but no mandate yet.

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Governor Kemp is advocating for wearing a mask in public with the rising numbers, but is oppose to the mandates. According to WSB-2, “Like all of the local mask mandates, Mayor Bottoms' order is unenforceable,” said Kemp spokeswoman Candice Broce. “We continue to encourage Georgians to do the right thing and wear a mask voluntarily.”

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(Sources: WSB-2 & AJC)

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