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GA Dept. Of Education Releases Updated Back To School Guidelines

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Every week it seems there are new rules or guidelines for the upcoming school year. Here's the latest.

I do not envy educators and school officials who have to navigate this crazy year and keep our kids safe. They are doing a great job and trying their best to create a safe and workable environment for staff, parents and their children.

The Georgia Department of Education just released this updated information on the upcoming semester. The plan includes rules for keeping track of and acting on reported COVID-19 cases that may/will pop up with staff or students. It also clarifies the new mask rules. Though not required by the state, they are recommended. The Department of Public Health requires districts to keep a daily log of teachers, staff and students who have contracted COVID-19, as well.

“I would emphasize that these are updates to the existing plan, and should not necessitate changes in already-developed district-level plans,” a spokesperson told WSB-2. “Districts continue to have the flexibility to implement prevention strategies above and beyond the recommendations laid out in this guidance and adopt instructional models that best serve their students, teachers, and community.”

Notable guidelines:

  • Schools will participate in contact tracing efforts with local officials
  • Partial or full Closures for school affected will be determined based on class sizes, characteristics of student and staff populations, setting characteristics and environmental factors that affect transmission, increased absenteeism, and trends of suspected/confirmed cases of COVID-19
  • Post signage in classrooms, hallways, and entrances to communicate how to stop the spread. COVID-19 symptoms, preventative measures (including staying home when sick), good hygiene, and school/district specific protocols.
  • Protocol for students who show signs of sickness during school hours.
  • Plans to isolate and deep clean areas/classes affected
  • Extra accommodations for students teachers/staff, and families at higher risk for severe illness
  • The use of face coverings/masks is not mandated but is strongly recommended


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