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Atlanta Braves Allow Fans To Buy Cardboard Cutouts Of Themselves For Games

(Photo: Getty Images)

You can be at the Braves games this year... at least in cardboard form. Proceeds are going to charity too. Many other MLB teams are offering the same.

On the Braves website, Fans are allowed to upload a photo and make a cutout of themselves to be at the game, with a $25 (A-List Members) or $50 (Non-Members) donation to the Braves Foundation . Each fan has to follow the guidelines and be decked out in Braves gear. They will then be placed in the seats behind home plate. The organization will let fans know the area they are in, but not the exact seat.

All the cutouts will stay in the seats for the season, when fans aren't allowed in the stadium and can pick up the cutout when the season ends. All the proceeds will go to the efforts in COVID-19 relief as well.

Photos will have to be approved by staff but what a cool way to see yourself on TV.

A new feature on the MLB app will also allow fans to cheer or boo with the click of a button, and it will be reflected at the stadium with fake crowd noise.

What a weird time to be alive! Go BRAVOS!

(Source: WSB-2)

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