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Woman Pees In Verizon Store Over Mask Argument

(Photo: Getty Images)

Another day, more people throwing childish tantrums over masks. This woman in California PEED on their sales floor.

Store managers called police at a Verizon store in California over an irate woman who refused to leave their store, after she began an argument with staff over their mandatory mask rule, among other things.

Dispatch got 2 calls about the incident telling responders "three people are refusing to leave, not wearing a mask … they’ve asked several times and she refuses,” according to records. “They’re calling back and advising that the female is pulling down her pants and is now urinating inside the business,” the operator adds a few minutes later.

When police arrived, according to reports, the woman was arrested for the incident and for stolen goods, from a nearby Dick's Sporting Goods, they found in her car.

How bought if you just stole some stuff, you not act like a complete moron somewhere else. It draws attention. Another COV-IDIOT!

This is not the type of behavior I'd expect at a Verizon.... A Metro Pee-C-S maybe..but not Verizon.

(Source: CBS Sacramento )

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