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I Guess My 2-Year-Old Just Learned His 1st Cuss Word

Well... #ParentingFail. My son Kuechly (pictured above) let out his first 4-letter word, when an accident happened the other day.

My wife and I really don't cuss a lot, but for sure, not around our kids, when we can help it. As a parent, there are moments when something slips and they soak it up like a sponge. You may not even be aware in the moment, but it'll come back when you least expect it.

I was in the kitchen the other day, when I opened the fridge and the coffee creamer dropped out and spilled all over the floor.

I said, "Dang It!" and that's when KeKe walks over to it, looks down and says, "Sh*t!"

All I could do was bust out laughing! I know... not appropriate and I did correct him, but it was way too funny.

I have to blame his mother on that one, because that is her favorite cuss word, when something messes up. I know where he learned that one. Haha

I do have a to give the kid credit, though. He did use it correctly.

What was the first cuss word your child spouted off? What happened to make them say it?

Remind me of this video:

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