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Professional Cuddlers Resort to Virtual Sessions During Pandemic

(Photo: Pixabay.com)

How have has life gotten so sad we can't even buy a good cuddle anymore!?

Professional Cuddlers (Yes... that's a real profession) have had to resort to "virtual cuddle sessions" because of this pandemic. What a sad, sad world it is. How does that even work?

Physical touch is one of the biggest thing people crave, during this new normal we are all experiencing. We really are built to need human touch. Every regulation out there, forbids us from it now. Many people who are single and lonely are struggling even more with this. Without physical touch, many experience loneliness, depression, anxiety disorders and stress, according to research.

Professional cuddlers are people who make money by booking cuddle sessions with clients. This was a pretty decent business, even before the pandemic. People crave therapeutic sessions of "non-sexual touch". They've had to adapt to a virtual model in NY and LA.

“There’s no substitution for human touch, but it definitely helps bridge the gap,” actor and writer Randy Wade Kelley, 37, told “The Guardian”. He sought out LA based Cuddle Sanctuary for some virtual one-on-one. Isn't that what people's Facebook DM's are for? Less creepy this way? .... ok.

Founder Jean Franzblau has come up with a creative way to help out his clients virtually and create heightened oxytocin levels through virtual interaction. Both parties have to open up emotionally and, "meet each other halfway to make the magic,” she told The Gaurdian.

Really... the hardest part of it all is getting your laptop to be the big spoon.

Here! Try it out for yourself:

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