Dr. Fauci's Topps Card Breaks Baseball Card Sales Record

(Photo: Getty Images)

Topps made a special Dr. Fauci baseball card throwing out pitch and it's selling faster than any MLB card ever.

Fauci's limited edition card was released days after he threw out the 1st pitch at the opening Washington Nationals game. It has since blown the doors off of limited edition cards that Topps has released. In just a 24 hour period, it sold 2 x's more than the previous record selling card.

The Fauci card sold ovre 51,000 cards in less than a day. Previous to that, Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr.'s first hit card sold just under 20,000.

Fauci's limited edition card shows his follow through, as he throws a wild pitch, way off from home plate. I'd assume most card collectors probably saw this as a money opportunity, because the value could skyrocket in about 10-20 years, because of this moment in history. Easy bet when you only had to pay $9.99 for it.

The problem is, with so many in circulation, it lowers the value a bit though.

Fauci pitches as if the ball is a disease he doesn't want anyone to catch it.

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