These Grilling Tips From Thomas Rhett Sound Delicious

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Thomas Rhett just got a new Traeger and is finding some new techniques to be a grill master.

I am a huge fan of my Traeger and am still working to perfect my craft as well. Thomas has been enjoying his new grill and found some good tips on Instagram to help with his meat flavor.

“I follow this account [on Instagram] called Meat Church and they make a lot of great rubs,” he says. “And if you have the time to do it let those ribs sit on there for five to six hours and wrap ‘em in aluminum foil with some butter and brown sugar, some good ol’ Meat Church rub and you’re good to go.”

I love to grill my wings for about 5 or 6 hours with my own personal rub recipe, but I'm gonna have to follow Meat Church now and try some of these out. Plus, Thomas Rhett's little brown sugar and butter trick on some ribs sounds delicious too.

A tip I'll add! You're meat always turns out better when you've got great country music playing while it's smokes too. It's science!