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"Hour of Terror" Lake Lanier Storm Caught On Video

Lake Lanier sustained major damage in tornado like winds on Monday. It was all caught on video by a vlogging couple on a houseboat.

National Weather Service meteorologist Kaitlyn Martin reported “Nothing suggested clearly that there was a tornado, but… we do go back and look at the data again,” but said there where powerful "straight-line winds" that assaulted the Lake area.

Watts On Wheels YouTube channel caught the "Hour Of Terror" on video. Georgia natives Dave and Karen are a couple who travel around the country living the RV life and on a house boat part-time on Lake Lanier. They where on the houseboat when the micro-burst storm hit hard at Aqualand Marina. Karen called the experience, "Awful!", and they feared for their lives as "two [other] houseboats let loose and slammed into M Dock and then back on L Dock. Damage everywhere!”

The dock itself came loose and may parts of it where submerged. There was also major damage to boat slips, docks and other boats and water vehicles, that are stored there. Thankfully no injuries where reported.

Holiday Marina near Lake Lanier Islands also sustained a lot of damage with the storm. Both marinas have turend people away most of this week in order to survey the damage and because of dangerous conditions.

Several friends of mine haven't even been able to get to their boats, because the dock path isn't passable. I live just 5-10 miles from these marinas and we didn't even see near the impact of that storm, as seen in the video. We had some high winds and heavy rain but not damage near my home.

The North Gwinnett Voice shared several pictures of the damage submitted by local marina patrons HERE.

Many people have been sharing this water spout photo but it's since been proven that this was not a picture from Lake Lanier or the Monday storm. Can't believe everything you see on the internet.

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