Naked Man Walking In Traffic Gets Knocked Out

Hope you're Friday is going better than this....

A video going massively viral, believed to be from Russia, shows a man walking completely in the buff down the middle of a busy road. It's not really been determined why, but most of the traffic drives around the crazy idiot. That was until her stood in front of a VW and blocked the man from moving.

He apparently picked the wrong bald dude, because the driver gets out of his car to confront the man. You can't here what was said, in the video, but something prompts the man the throw a one-punch knock out blow. The naked mans drops to the concrete.

It's not known if any arrests have been made but karma hurts sometimes. He's lucky it was a fist and not a mac truck that hit him. Watch Full Video

Here's how it ended:

(Source: The Sun)

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