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Video: Woman Bumps Into An 8Ft. Shark Swimming In The Bahamas

(Photo: Getty Images)

Talk about #sharkweek! This lady had no clue she just slid into the ocean right next to a large shark!

I am a huge fan of shark week on Discovery, but I'm not trying to have an up close encounter anytime soon. This Miami resident was vacationing in the Bahamas, when she slid down a massive blow up slide and landed next to an 8ft shark.

Iso Machado was celebrating her birthday on a friend’s yacht. Everyone was drinking and having a great time on a massive inflatable slide. Slipping down into some bright blue, crystal clear water. No one assumed they'd land right next to something that can take your leg off. A friend, Kevin Sarota, caught the encounter on video as the unsuspecting mother swam up to the surface and the black shark started making its way over to check her out.

Thankfully, it was just curious and not hungry. She said it bumped her leg as she swam but then took off.

“She was actually really happy and felt lucky to see one so close,” Sarota said.

The shark in the video looks to be a nurse shark, which are not dangerous to humans. However, I'm sure it was still a bit scary! I'm surprised at how calm she was in the situation.

(Source: Jam Press)

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