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Couple's Cattle Brand Wedding Cake Looks More Like "Crusty Infected Nipple"

The bride was devastated to see a horrible attempt at a cattle brand wedding cake at her wedding.

After a couple's Wedding cake fail was shared on Reddit, people are saying it looked like a "crusty, infected nipple", instead of the cattle branding "country bumpkin" wedding design she had hoped for.

The bride's cousin shared the cake that she said had everyone "gagging" at the wedding to see what users online thought. The bride is now destroyed by all the comments about how disgusting it looked.

The two-tiered cake was supposed to have the couple initials "C + C" look like it was branded onto a cow hide, like farmers brand their animals. Many comments suggested it looked more like a poorly done tree stump.

One user said, "I feel like this is a case of distant aunt or friend of parent says 'oh my daughter makes the prettiest cakes and she'll cut you a deal!"

Another comment, "I get the initials, but I’m still trying to figure out what the heck that deal on top is actually supposed to be. Looks like a lanced boil." <PUKE> "UGH"

One spot on description of it was, "Ah yes. A wedding cake that looks like burnt and mutilated cow flesh. How romantic."

These are not the comments you want about the cake you paid hundreds of dollars for on your big day. How embarrassing! I hope she got her money back!

(Source: The Mirror)

That ranks right up there with these masterpieces:

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