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Naked Man Arrested For Driving Through Taco Bell Drive-Thru

(Photo: Getty Images)

A 61-year-old man told police he "didn't know it was illegal" to go through The Taco Bell in his car naked!? How awkward did things get when they asked "Hard or soft sir?"

Christopher Sale was just cruising around Oklahoma City when he got a little hungry for some burritos. Sales dropped into a nearby Taco Bell and shocked the Drive-Thru team because he was completely in the buff. Workers said they just tried to fill his order and get him out of there, but her wouldn't leave.

They claim he kept asking for different things like sauce, napkins and they even gave him a free taco to just go! Well, he finally left.... and then drove back around for more sauce. That's when they called police to handle the situation.

Police detained Sales when they arrived and asked what he was doing. He claims all his clothes where in the wash and he got hungry. The police report said he then stated he, "didn't know it was against the law to drive naked."

I probably would've yelled out the drive-thru window... "Quit playin with your Chalupa!"

Somebody get your grandpa!

(source: OKCFox)

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