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Thomas Rhett Takes Stunning Family Mountain Vacation

(Getty Images)

I'm so jealous seeing these mind blowing pictures of God's creation. Thomas Rhett and his family just experienced an amazing vacation.

My wife and I have talked and talked about grabbing an RV and exploring some of the U.S. that we've never seen. After seeing Thomas Rhett's pics I am craving it even more. Imagine the forever memories they captured with their kids doing this.

Rhett and his wife Lauren took a week off and traveled to some of the most beautiful places. Thomas said they took his brother-in-law along to capture some candid moments of the family. The pictures are breathtaking.

Thomas wrote, "I told him to give me his favorite 10 from the trip. That’s a tough task when you take thousands of photos, but here they are!"

Holy WOW! I wanna go do all of that.

Her shared a moment from the road saying "It has been such an amazing road trip with my family this past week! It’s kind of a miracle that I got to spend this much time with my family this year. Got to be with my wife every night and I got to watch my kids grow up (too fast for sure) 🙌"

Ugh!! I wanna be there right now!!

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