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Georgia Pastor Gives Pregnant Waitress A Tip That Will "Change Her Life"

The Bishop was struck by her story and that he unborn son was going to be named the same as his son who passed away. He asked FB to help and raised $12,000 for the Waffle House waitress.

Bishop Eusebio Phelps, the leader of New Faith Christian Church, ordered a to go breakfast from a Stockbridge Waffle House, when he had a chance encounter with the waitress who took his order. Hannah Hill was "so nice over the telephone, and when I got there I paid for my food and I told her to keep the change," Phelps said. But he didn't stop there. He then took all the money from his wallet and gave it to her. After seeing she was a struggling soon-to-be mother, working hard to make ends meet, he took the rest of the money from his wallet and handed her $40.

Phelps learned while talking with her that she was due soon and that she was naming her son Samuel. That is the same name as his late son, who passed away 7 years ago in Atlanta. He felt like that was a big sign from the Lord to help this young mother. Phelps went directly to his Facebook family and asked people to chip in anything they could, to "give this girl a tip that would change her life".

“I went home, I told my wife what happened... I was like, 'Listen I wanna raise a thousand dollars to give to Hannah so she can buy whatever she needs for the baby,’” the pastor told Fox News.

$12K later, he was so excited to head back to the Waffle House and give this Hannah the biggest tip she's ever had in her life.

"I had a lot going on, and I don't really pray that often," she told WXIA-TV. "I'm not necessarily that religious, I wasn't really raised in the church, don't go to church a lot, haven't cracked open a Bible in forever. But lately I have been praying." Hannah was called into work for a surprise baby shower and the Bishop presented her with the check.

Hill said she plans on spending the money on a better car and a place to live with her baby's father.

What an amazing story of God's grace and love in action! No ones race mattered in this story. It was one human, sharing God's love with another human in need. We can all take example from this and be better to each other.

Bishop Phelps said, "You gotta show the love of God to people you come into contact with, and it was her kindness....that touched my heart. And I feel like the Lord has really allowed our paths to cross."

UPDATE: Hannah did go buy a car and the Bishop was there to help

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