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Video: Jogger Stalked By Mother Cougar For Terrifying 6 Mins

Cougars are one of the most dangerous encounters you can have while hiking... this man is lucky to have gotten out with his life.

Kyle Burgess was jogging the mountain trails of Slate Canyon in Utah, when he saw a baby mountain lion and started filming. That's when the video turned jaw dropping as the baby's mother came out of the woods and threatened his life.

Burgess can be heard breathing hard as he tries to keep eye contact, while backing away from the mama. He tries screaming cuss words at it, making himself larger and grunting, but nothing stops the pursuit of the Cougar. She slowly walked towards him, as he kept walking away. On several occasions, she can be scene hissing and stunting in attack mode.

Burgess knew running was a bad idea, and every time he turned his eyes away, the cat got closer. He can be heard saying that in the horrifying 6 minute video he captured of the encounter.

He posted the video on Youtube and Instagram saying he though the babies where just little bobcats, then he found out "they were cougar cubs and their mother was not happy to see me. She follows me for over six minutes acting very aggressive, while I walk backwards up the trail.”

Brugess wasn't attacked or injured by the Grace of God but that could've turned deadly at any moment. Cougars are fast and lethal when they attack.

According to Wikipedia, 125 people have been attacked by a cougar in the past 100 years in the U.S., 27 of which are fatal. Fatal cougar attacks are extremely rare and fall behind fatal snake bites, fatal lightning strikes, or fatal bee stings for human deaths.

I kept wondering why he didn't pick up a rock and throw it at her face, but that could just escalate her attack mode. Plus, bending down to get the rock, could be her chance to leap on you. Tough call, but thankfully Burgess did what got him out alive.

(Source: NY Post)

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