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2020's Top Pet Costumes

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Some 30 million people will put their annoyed pet in a costume for Halloween. So what are the most common you will see this year?

I usually dressed up my dog and cat every Halloween because it's so cute, but they hated me for it. This is the 1st year I don't have them to do it. They both passed away over the past year, but I do have a costume for our chicken!

According to the National Retail Federation, pumpkins are the most popular pet costumes for Halloween 2020. Dr. Jennifer Freeman, DVM, PetSmart’s resident veterinarian and pet care expert said, “If you choose to celebrate Halloween by dressing up your pet this year, it’s important to carefully introduce costumes to your pet so they don’t get stressed." She gave tips on how saying, “Begin by using simple accessories like a bandana instead of a full-fledged outfit. If they allow something simple, reward them with a treat and some praise, then gradually introduce additional costume items to put your pet at ease.”

Right... but then you don't get that adorable "I hate this" face for the pictures.

-10% will have a pumpkin costume on their pet

-6% Will dress their pet as the ever so hilarious hot dog

-5% will dress their pet as a superhero

-3% will turn their dog into a cat

-2% will go for the cute bumble bee and may even match their lovable pet

Someone PLEASE do this though! EPIC

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