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Company Reveals The Names Of "Most Accident Prone" People

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Yes... we're talking to you Kyle! Is your name on the list of men or women most likely to have some sort of accident?

Uplift Legal Funding decided to do a study of accidents and compare them with the names of people who where involved. They came up with an interesting list of "most accident-prone" men and women. I am clumsy as hell but thankfully Otis was not on the list.

The study did find women suffer injuries 37% more often when falling over, and men are 23% more likely to have mishaps at home (that's me... with a hammer). Company Chief Jared Stern said, "There's science out there to suggest that our names can have an impact on our lives, with the power to affect our personalities and even our physicality." That's why they wanted to see what names where associated more commonly with accidents.

These are the Top 5 for each sex:


  • Kyle
  • Blake
  • Brian
  • Ryan
  • Daniel


  • Hailey
  • Taylor
  • Linda
  • Barbara
  • Kimberley

Did your name make the list? May want to be careful what kind of karma you hand your child when picking a name out. Unfortunately, genetics matter too. My son's name isn't on the list either, but he's as clumsy as me. Sorry buddy!

(Source: Today)

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