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Billy Ray Cyrus Covers LL Cool J "Mama Said Knock You Out"

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Just in case you needed another thing from #2020 no one asked for!

Billy Ray Cyrus just dropped an EP called "The Singin' Hills Sessions". It's got several new songs including a cover of LL Cool J's 90's hit "Mama Said Knock You Out". He cut the entire album in the Mojave Desert. The reason he chose the old school rap he said in a statement, “I’ve always loved that song — as well as fellow Kentucky native, Muhammad Ali — and just the concept of persistence and believing in yourself. Countrifying it was a joy and I feel like this song is the next segment of my circle following ‘Old Town Road.'”

Cyrus saw a lot of success in the Hip Hop Music world with his verse on "Old Town Road" with Atlanta's Lil Nas X. The song broke almost every record in 2019 and won them both awards in several genres. He was trying to tap into the audience a little again and feed on the success of the lightening in a bottle.

Here’s the track list forMojave:

1.    “Mama Said Knock You Out”

2.    “Ghost Dance”

3.    “99 Single Wide”

4.    “Holdin’ On”

5.    “Good at Goodbyes”

This is the original from LL Cool J:

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