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OShow's Year End Best Of Country Music For 2021

Photo: Otis Oshow

From My Top 5 Songs on my playlist to My Top 5 Artists to Artists you should pay attention to in the New Year... it's all in my year-end wrap-up. Comment your favorites of the year!

These are based on chart postition or streaming totals or anything scientific. This is purely my favorite of the year for 2021. I'd love to hear yours too.

Top 5 Artists In Country

My Top 5 Country Songs of 2021

My Top 5 (or 6) Artists You Need To Know In 2022

So much good music is coming in the new year. I am just so happy to be back on the air and with my Bull family. I spent the year laid off and trying to find my next move, but knew God had his hands on my story and took the time off to enjoy extra Dad time and family time. Something money can't buy!

Ready to have an amazing 2022! Happy New Year to you!

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