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8 People Trapped In Westin Hotel Elevator For 3 Hours

Imagine the fear and anxiety of being trapped in an elevator for 3 hours or more. It happened to 8 people in Atlanta.

It's many people's biggest fear... being trapped in an elevator. My wife would've had a panic attack 15 mins in, if it were her. 8 people in Atlanta's Westin Hotel got stuck for over 3 hours before they were rescued through the hatch at the top.

WSB-TV reported that Sunday night, Firefighters were called around 5:45 p.m. about 8 people stuck in the Westin elevator. Victims told responders they were on the 14th floor. First responders could not find any stuck elevators on the 14th, but eventually did find the location behind a blind shaft on the 27th floor.

Forefinger pressing the alarm button in the elevator

Photo: Getty Images

It took rescuers until 8:48pm to find the elevator and ride another car down to it. They then had to open the top hatch and use a fire ladder to take the people out one-by-one. They rode that elevator to the top floor and then back down another elevator to the ground floor.

Can you imagine the panic? I probably would've just taken the 40 some flights of stairs by then! NOPE! on another elevator ride.

Still not as bad as this guy who got stuck for 41 hours in NY in 1999. That's gotta be some sort of record!

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