Bulldogs Fan Starts Chant With Entire Plane On Delta Flight

The excitement had been building for these UGA Dawgs to finally win a Championship. Fans packed flights to go to the game Monday and one even started a chant with the whole plane!

On the way to the Championship in Indianapolis, flight from GA were packed with fans of the Dawgs and they couldn't contain their excitement. If you were the guy who wanted to pull your hat down and take a nap.... this wasn't you flight.

Trey Shields from Waycross, GA says, "Class of 2020 stand up! We're gonna call the dawgs one more time". He then gets the entire flight to do the Bulldogs chant and it's awesome!

I'm sort of a transplant fan. I have been here over 5 years and my 8 year-old son is a die hard fan. I have slowly grown to love the Bulldogs fans and the history of this team. I'm always for a good underdog story and team. Georgia has become my second favorite college football team, behind Michigan. It was tough to watch them battle but was exciting to see either prevail.

I am ecstatic that the Dawg finally got their trophy! Go Dawgs!

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