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Woman Fooled By Tik Tok Drives To NC Thinking She'll See The Swiss Alps

Snowboarder looking across mountain range.

Photo: Getty Images

Don't believe everything you hear on the internet.... or see! This woman thought there were beautiful snow-covered mountains in Gastonia, NC.

TIk Toker Olivia Grace shared a video of how she was duped by a Tik Toker into thinking there are amazing sites to see in the armpit of North Carolina (Gastonia). I can tell you, since my wife is from around there, it is the complete opposite of that. She shared what she really ran into when she got to NC.

The original video put up by @realzacharykeesee shows a beautiful Swiss village and amazing sites of snow-covered mountains. He claims that he is exploring Gastonia, NC. He was obviously joking, as he was actually in Switzerland on a vacation.

Most commentors got the joke or said something like "that looks like Switzerland".

Grace was embarrassed to find out he was kidding by actually showing up an hour out of her way to see the REAL Gastonia. She is from Florida, her family was on a road trip and she made the divert an hour outside of their path, to go see these amazing sites. All she got was some trailers, run-down buildings and nasty bathrooms. That pretty much sums up Gastonia.

Gastonia Mayor Walker E. Reid, III. said, “Apparently we are the Talk of the Town! And while Gastonia is certainly not Switzerland, we’re glad people are learning more about our Great City. We’re glad to see so many people having fun with Zachary Keesee’s post and hopefully, Ms. Garcia will come back to see all the great things our city has to offer. In fact, if they want to contact me, I’d love to give them a personal tour and show them what makes our City tick!

Might I suggest for her next trip, I hear East Dublin, GA is amazing this time of the year!

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