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9-Year-Old Nigerian Boy "World's Youngest Billionaire"

Money Pile Bundles of $100 USD Notes

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Enjoy this little tidbit as you wrap up your stressful, terrible-paying job for the week. This 9-year-old is worth a billion dollars.

Mompha Junior is the 9-year-old son of Nigerian internet celebrity Ismailia Mustapha, 42. He bought Mompha his own mansion at the age of 6 and a whole line of expensive cars. You know... cause a kid who can't even drive needs a red Lamborghini Aventador or a cream Bentley Flying Spur.

He flaunts his wealth on his Instagram to his 275,000 followers, which seems pretty low for someone so rich and powerful.. but he is only 9. He's got time to build that up.

His father Ismailia sports loads of expensive cars and planes on his IG to his 1.1 million followers too. So it seems the apple isn't falling far from the tree here. Though... he may want to teach his son the value of money a little but of humbleness, or this kid will be off the rails before he's 16.

Mompha Junior has been nicknamed the "world's youngest billionaire" but being the CEO of Lagos Bureau De Change, reports put his net worth at $15 million. The rest must be in assets in his mansion's garage. Still.... this kid hasn't worked a day in his life, yet owns a MANSION?!

I wonder if his Dad is up for adopting a poor grown-ass man from America, who simply just wants to drive a Maybach or Maserati?

Suck on that as you wrap up your menial job for the week... UGH!

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