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Greatest TV Shows Of All Time

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Thousands of people where recently asked what the greatest TV Shows of All Time were... What do you think came in at the top?

It may come as no surprise, but most people surveyed by Studyfinds.org said the 80's and 90's was the greatest era for TV. Over 2,000 people where asked to rank the greatest TV shows of all time and Friends topped the list with 43% of people.

Only 7% of people believe this is the greatest time for TV that we're living in. The 2000s came in second behind the 80's and 90's with 15%, 2010s (10%), and ‘70s (10%).

90's TV dominated the Top 10 lists of greatest shows of all time! Shows like Friends, Seinfeld, Frasier, The Office, and The Simpsons all ranked high on people's favorite's list. A few shows from this decade showed up with Game Of Thrones at #3, and Big Brother at #20.

Here are The Top 20 Greatest Of All Time:

  1. Friends – 43%
  2. Seinfeld – 40%
  3. Game of Thrones – 37%
  4. Three’s Company – 36%
  5. Frasier – 36%
  6. The Office – 36%
  7. MASH – 35%
  8. Battlestar Galactica – 30%
  9. The Simpsons – 29%
  10. The Wire – 28%
  11. Twin Peaks – 27%
  12. Family Guy – 27%
  13. The Sopranos – 26%
  14. Sex and the City – 24%
  15. American Dad – 23%
  16. Law and Order – 23%
  17. Grey’s Anatomy – 23%
  18. Bob’s Burgers – 23%
  19. Community – 21%
  20. Big Brother – 21%

It's crazy how we have so much to choose from these days but still consider the older show as the best of the best for television. It is hard to think of a current show that would match up to the writing and creativity of some of these shows though! Ozark is probably one current one I'd rank as one of the best I've seen currently and I'm a Big Brother fan too.

What shows would you put in your top 5 of ALL TIME?

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