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Groundhog?! Other States Have An Armadillo, Hedgehog Or Even A Squirrel

"Punxsutawney Phil"  Looks For His Shadow At Annual Groundhog Day Ritual In PA

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Not everyone relies on the furry rodent from Punxsutawney... other states use some other pretty adorable animals to predict the winter.

When Feb. 2nd rolls around, people get excited to see if the groundhog from PA can predict what's about to happen with winter. Will it be longer if he sees his shadow? Or will he be happy to come out and see the world? But who needs the lovable furry rat, when you can use more adorable animals like an owl in Florida, or a hedgehog in Oregon?

Several states/countries have decide that since Punxsutawney Phil is only about 39% accurate, maybe some other furry friends can be a little better.


FuFu the Hedgehog has actually been used dating back many years and has been way more accurate that the hog. European Folklore has considered these adorable balls of spikes are great prognosticators for weather analysis even in centuries old Europe. The current Zoo's hedgehog is about 53% accurate.


Southwest Florida uses a small burrowing Owl to decide what winter will play out like. Not that winter's are ever THAT BAD in Florida but "It’s our way of localizing the classic Groundhog Day event and making it our own," said Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife Vice President Pascha Donaldson. "The event is also an opportunity to spread awareness and provide education on burrowing owls."

Way cuter than the groundhog and supposedly not bad weather men either.

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North Carolina:

Brevard, NC uses Pisgah Pete the white squirrel to make their predictions. He's been the center piece for Groundhog day for 8 years now but just went into retirement. Penelope Ella Catherine Elizabeth, aka Pisgah Penny, is his replacement for this year.

The White Squirrel Institute has said the recognition has been helping the wildlife center with more people adopting white squirrels since it's inception. They are super cute!

Lastly, it wouldn't be Texas if they didn't use an cute Armadillo named "Bob the armadillo". Just outside of Austin, an annual event is held with Bob to decide how winter will be in Texas. Not too hard to predict most years.... HOT! It's freaking Texas!

Supposedly, Bob isn't so accurate but he has a fun spirit and probably just hates the fanfare. I mean... he's got that hard shell to hide from creepy gawkers who want him to predicts things.

I love the alternatives! Too fun!

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