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Couple Gets An $18K Power Bill In New Home

Pylons and power lines near to major electricity substation

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Imagine getting a heart-stopping $18K bill that the power company says isn't a mistake!

A Hawaiian couple just moved into their dream home but NEVER expected the bill they go from Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) saying they owed almost $18,000. According to the power company, they are responsible for all the street lights on the entire block, since it's a private road. They said the city doesn't pay for the electricity on private roads.

In a letter dated Jan. 27, 2022, HECO said it has been reviewing its established streetlight accounts for streets located on Oahu since 2020. The letter stated, “During the review, Hawaiian Electric learned that several of these accounts did not have an existing customer. One such account relates to the streetlights that are found within the street at Halemaluhia Place.”

The couple started reviewing their mortgage documents immediately and have found nothing that indicated that was their responsibility. They are now fighting HECO over the bill.

I'm sure when they opened the bill... it went something like this:

Desha-Ann Kealoha told KTLA, “Yes, I was shocked, overwhelmed, and confused, but still remained hopeful that there is some solution to this. My husband has a colorful vocabulary – he was upset.” I can imagine the words I would've used.... after I woke up from a heart attack.

CLICK HERE to see the documents from the electric company.

HECO Spokesperson Shannon Tangonan released a statement saying, “We’re working with all parties and have spoken with the Kealohas. We want to assure them that we don’t expect them to pay the outstanding bill. Our goal is to determine who owns the street where the streetlights are located so that the bill can be paid going forward.”

I can't even imagine the anxiety of all that. NOPE!

To make matters worse, Hawaii has the most expensive power service in the nation too.

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