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Obsession With Wordle = Good Mental Health


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Addicted to guessing the words on #Wordle? It's... actually good for your brain.

The new game that is taking over social feeds is called "Wordle". You've probably seen those green, yellow and white blocks along with players’ scores hitting your feed lately. That's a game called “Wordle”. It's a word game that gives players six chances to try to guess a five-letter word. Studies are now showing this could be good for your health.

Yes it's frustrating at times... and yes it can be addicting, but science is saying that it boosts your mental health with the challenge it presents. Also, those who may be in a sad or depressed mood benefit from the game as well.

Experts including Dr. Douglas Scharre, a neurologist and director of the Center for Cognitive and Memory Disorders at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, say solving a daily crossword puzzle or playing a word game like “Wordle” is great for cognitive health. The user develops sharpness of their cognitive skills that are in a “use it or lose it” category. Daily exercise for the brain makes you healthier.

 University of Oregon professor and an expert in the aging of the brain, Ulrich Mayr, says that fun, engaging activity is good for us. Then a boost from posting on social media by sharing scores is another benefit. He says playing Wordle can help us “re-establish positive connections that are not tainted by negativity and stress us out."

So feel free to keep binging on the Wordle... it makes you smarter and happier. Although... some of you be addicted to guessing Wordles... yet still, misspell half of your Facebook status. Let's pass 2nd grade.. before we're taking 3rd-grade quizzes!

(Source: Healthline)

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