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Favorite Super Bowl Snack Per State

Salty snacks assortment shot from above

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Frito Lay's Annual Snack Index is out and they found some pretty interesting things about football fans' habits during the Super Bowl.

Most people love to stick to their tried-and-true favorites during the Big Game but 27% of respondents said they are most looking forward to trying snacks they've never had before when snacking this Super Bowl. The average cost of throwing a Super Bowl party was about $174, except that inflation is going to probably top that out over $200 this year.

Here are some interesting finds from the survey (News Journal):

  • 94% of adults say snacks have the ability to create enjoyable moments.
  • Spicy Snacks are the fave of 79% of Gen Z and 83% of Millennials
  • 62% of Baby Boomers and 46% of Gen X want traditional flavors
  • Only 32% of Gen Z and 30% of Millennials like traditional snack flavors.
  • 52% will grab the potato chips as one of their top three snacks.
  • 71% plan to have potato chips at their Super Bowl party but 49% will eat them out of the bag!
  • At the grocery store, 91% of people look for snack that are their tried-and-true favorites.
  • Consumers like low-priced snacks (83%), and when it comes to sharing, 72% of adults prefer a larger, family-size for sharing with friends.
  • Rams fans prefer to pair their snacks with guacamole (71%) and salsa (62%), while Bengals fans prefer salsa (55%) and buffalo chicken dip (51%).

Each state has different preferences for their snack loving too. The cocktail wiener was a fan favorite in most states. States like Connecticut, Indiana, Mississippi, Michigan, Tennessee, North Dakota, and Wisconsin all come in with wieners at the top of the snack list. Buffalo Chicken Dip was popular in 20 different states like New York and Chicago.

Here's a full map of each state's favorite from Bid-on-Equipment using Google search data:

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