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The South Has The Lowest Life Expectancy

Paying his respects…

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That's ok... we yall may live longer, but we have a hell of a time while we're here!

According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report published Thursday, Southern states rounded out the bottom of the Life expectancy chart. The CDC took data from 2019, so the pandemic didn't have an effect on the study. The results showed that Mississippi had the country's lowest life expectancy, at 74.4 years, which was significantly below the national average of 78.8. California and Hawaii, meanwhile, had the highest: 80.9 years. CLICK FOR INTERACTIVE MAP

Georgia (77.4 years), South Carolina (76.8), Louisiana (75.7), Tennessee (75.6), Kentucky(75.5), Alabama(75.2, West Virginia (74.5), & Mississippi (74.4) rounded out the bottom of the list.

Interestingly, States with low life expectancies had high shares of residents under the poverty line. Louisiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and South Carolina all had more than 13.5 percent below that line.

"Life expectancy really correlated with the socioeconomic status of the population in the area," Lead Author Elizabeth Arias told NBC News. "Really well-to-do areas had really high life expectancies."

Women were found to have higher life expectancies in every state.

I blame all the BBQ and bad redneck ideas for the South's low showing. But we LIVIN'!

Here are the Top 10:

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