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CNN Getting Major Flack For Terrible Applebee's Ad Placement

When you're going from air raid sirens in Ukraine to Beer and Wings... its feels awkward

During coverage of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, CNN played a video of the skies over the country. Air raids can be heard, buildings that had already been hit with missiles can be seen. It's a tragic loss of lives and needless war that is very scary for innocent people living there... but that didn't stop them from shooting right into "A little bit of Chicken Fried, Cold Beer On a Friday Night". It's the lyrics to a great Zac Brown Band song and the theme for Applebee's commercials.

A horribly misplaced transition from something awful to that.

Comments online where:

"CNN was so desperate for to profit off of a commercial in that spot. They involuntarily created this gem of a moment."

"😂 Today’s air raids brought to by Applebees 2 for $20"

"Air raid sirens in Ukraine and ... as there's a drive into deep left field by Castellanos. It will be a home run. And so that will make it a 4–0 ballgame.”

I don't believe this was the first time this kind of thing happened.... Watch this from my podcast This Is Weird:

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