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Niko Moon Talks About Coming Home To Georgia And What His Roots Mean

Lady A What A Song Can Do Tour - Franklin, TN

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Douglasville, GA's Niko Moon says "there's no other place like playing for your home crowd" when Otis chatted with him.

Moon is playing Buckhead theater in Georgia March 3rd and couldn't be more excited to get back home to play his music.

He's not all about music... we found out he's got some ping pong skills as well. He said "I've been known to play some ping pong now" but isn't sure he could be on an Olympic caliber.

He also talks about how "Good Time" almost didn't ever come out but he truly believed in himself and the song. That's how he turned it into a #1 single. "I knew it was a special song... and that one was just in the back of my head. I just had to cut it," he told Otis.

"I've always heard country music in a certain kind of way and it's a way that is very representative of where. I'm from Douglasville,GA, you know. It wasn't the way I was hearing on the radio."

Check out Country newcomer Niko Moon with Otis OShow:

Check out the rapid-fire "Questions From The Moon". Otis asks him about which Star Wars character he'd be, Who'd he'd bring on a songwriters trip to the Moon, and he lays out his starting lineup of Country Legends:

March 3rd at Buckhead Theater. Don't miss Niko Moon!

Check out his newest song "Paradise To Me":

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