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Georgia Mom Discovers Child Has Super Rare "Uncombable Hair Syndrome"

Baby Locklan's hair sits straight up like Einstein's. Only 1 in 100 people in the world have this.

“When you look under that microscope, you can see that instead of having hairs that are cylinder shape … the shaft of the hair is actually more in a triangular shape,” Dr. Cheng a pediatric dermatologist at UCLA Health explained to 'GMA'. “Within the triangle, there (are) these little grooves that go up and down the long axis of the hair shaft so that's why it makes it really uncombable.”

Little Locklan's mother was concerned that his hair would never sit down and she couldn't style it at all. It just seemed stiff. She hunted down info on Google, talked with the pediatrician, who then sent her to specialists at Emory in Atlanta. Eventually, he was diagnosed with an incredibly rare hair syndrome called "uncombable hair syndrome". It's also called spun glass hair. It causes hair to grow in all directions, to be straw-colored, have a dull texture. It's hard to manage or tame with any products.

Thankfully this is nothing detrimental to his health, and he will more than likely start to grow out of it in adolescence.

“We get a lot of comments about him looking like a dandelion and that's actually a very accurate description of appearance and how it feels," His mother Katelyn Samples told ABC News. "His hair is extremely soft, like a little baby chick. People will ask to touch it, which is fine with us, as long as people ask."

She's raising awareness for the genetic condition and doctors are studying her and her husband to find the genes associated with it. She started sharing pictures on Instagram and Locklan has become quite the celeb. He's gotten over 17,000 followers. In a post from October, she wrote that she wanted “to spread some joy on the internet!".

You can't help but smile and see how adorable he is in the pictures. He's legit the real baby Einstein.

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If they were going to make a baby re-boot of Back To The Future, he's for sure playing Doc Brown!

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