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Cheating On Wordle Is Happening A Lot


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Look.... if you're cheating on a dumb app game, you may have deeper seeded issues. Cheating is up 196%.

Wordle is a fun addictive game where you have 5 chances to guess the word of the day. Many players are religious about having to play daily. You've probably played or heard someone at work talking about it constantly.

The app was just acquired by the NY Times and cheating has shot through the roof, according to Wordfinderx. Since the NY Times acquisition, many people claim the Word of the day has gotten harder. The usage of the app has soared too. Wordfinderx looked through google searches for a period of time to see who was trying to google the word for each day and cheat to get it right. A 196% rise was what they found in January.

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The hardest words they found out to be SWILL and AROMA. New Hampshire was found to be the most guilty of cheating to find the words daily. Why even play, if you're just going to cheat? You're not winning anything.

Here were the toughest words in different states:

New Hampshire: Swill

Rhode Island: Caulk

Vermont: Tacit

Washington, D.C.: Tacit

Massachusetts: Dodge

Maine: Dodge and Tacit

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