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'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant "Publicly Humiliated" By Her Answers On Show

'Wheel Of Fortune' Celebrity Week - TV Show

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She tried solving an EASY puzzle 3 times... and couldn't get it right.

Wheel of Fortune” contestants Christopher Coleman and Laura Machado appeared on Tuesday night’s “Wheel of Fortune” episode. None of them could guess the correct answer to the puzzle: “Another feather in your cap.”

There were only about 4 letters left when Laura really started making some terrible guesses at the puzzle. "Another Feather in your hat", that was pretty close, "Another feather in your map" though makes no sense.

This man did a Tik Tok describing how the home viewers where probably reacting to her guesses and it's hilarious.

Coleman and Machado are getting dragged pretty hard online for being so oblivious to the common phrase. Coleman told TMZ that he's tired of being publicly humiliated.

“You are also under a lot of scrutiny and pressure when you’re in production,” Coleman said of being on the “Fortune” set. “A lot of people are sitting at home on the comfort of their own couch, yelling and screaming at the TV, when we [the contestants] are the ones in the moment and in real time, trying to guess and figure out what this puzzle is.”

He said that people questioning his intelligence is the most frustrating part saying, “Just go easy on me and the other contestants because we are very educated people, and we don’t want to be put in a situation where we are being cackled and publicly humiliated on a show that was a lifelong dream.”

I mean... I'm sure they're smart people and the pressure in the moment is tough. I wouldn't call them stupid or insult them, but it was hilarious to see them fail that hard. I'm not sure I wouldn't have failed just as hard on national TV. People shouldn't be so vicious online, but I'd think it was funny if I made myself look that oblivious on TV and later was like, "DANG! I should've known that one!"

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