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Hillary Scott From Lady A Joins Otis For International Women's Day


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Lady A's Hillary Scott took over The OShow to celebrate International Women's Day and shine a light on the contributions of women in her life, in music, and the world.

Hillary is a mother of 3 young girls and talks about how she is trying to navigate the world with them as a parent and raise them as strong independent woemn. She says she and her husband just try to give them a variety of experiences to help them find their passions and strengths. She said one of her girls in dance, as well as, a robotics class.

Woman is just one label for Hillary in her life but she said, "my identity comes from my relationship with God, so as a Christian that's number 1. Then wife and mother." She also talks about being a role model most of her life for her younger sister and what it means to be a role model in Country music. Scott says, "when I look to other women who I admire, they just challenge themselves and keep pushing their limits... and do it with such grace, and such passion."

Her Mother and Nanny are were two major influences in her life that she gained so much from. "She became like a big sister, or aunt. We had some of the most incredible conversations about life, about God, about children, relationships. She's had the most impact on me out of a lot of women in my life," she said about her Nanny Leslie.

Hillary talks about her Hall of Fame Women, what iconic woman she'd play in a movie, watching Dolly host the ACM's, and how it feels performing at big awards shows like that.


Otis also played a little game with Hillary called "What A Song Can Do". She names songs that have influence and meaning in her life for different scenarios. Check this out:

Here is the latest single from Lady A "What A Song Can Do":

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