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Over 50% Of Parents Say They Get Confused By Kids Homework

Shot of a young mother looking frustrated while helping her daughter with homework at home

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A new study shows parents struggling to help with kids homework. 13% said they'd rather do a certain gross chore.

Photomath, the no. 1 math learning app in the world, asked parents about helping with homework. Who does it the most? How challenging is it for you? What subjects are the hardest. The results were not shocking... because I can attest that it's no fun.

Nearly half of all parents say they spend an hour or two every night doing homework with their kids. Moms tend to be the one more often than Dads. Women say its about 53% them to 16% Dads.

Here are some of the findings:

  • 46% of parents Math is the biggest struggle
  • 50% of parents have a hard time understanding children's homework assignments across subjects
  • 40% of parents just did their child's homework for them
  • 8% of parents have offered prizes and even vacations just so their kids would finish homework
  • 13% of parents would rather clean the bathroom than help their child with homework.
  • 75% of parents think technology makes the job easier

I consider myself pretty proficient at math and a smart human with a college degree, but some of my sons homework in 2nd grade I feel dumb. I guess I just didn't retain that info from my elementary days or lost it from never using it. However, it's pretty frustrating. Especially when your 8-year-old thinks he's smarter than you. Haha

I do love when my kids have answered tests or homework with hilarious answers like these:

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