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"Stay At Home Daughter" Says She's Too Busy Being Pretty For A Job

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Shoshanna shared a video claiming that her main priority in life was to be pretty and she's a "stay at home daughter".

Many keep telling the TikToker Shoshanna that she needs to earn a living and get a job. She fired back in a video writing the caption, “When everyone in ur life is telling you to get a job but they don’t get that being the stay-at-home-daughter is a job. Being pretty is enough to worry about.”

Her video has more than 180-thousand views and hundreds of comments, there are plenty that are actually jealous of her life.

Some Comments:

“Dream job fr [for real],”

"Waking up at 2pm and doing my makeup should be enough for this family."

"Sleeping all day in my barn of a bedroom is a full-time job thanks though,” comments another.

And one writes, “I wish I could do this honestly.”

Of course there where some people who hated her for it:

“I have never heard as much sh*t in all my days, you all are a spoilt brat who needs to take a long hard look at your life,” writes one TikToker.

“If you were my daughter I would make u get a job or you would be looking for somewhere else to live,” comments another.

In another video, she claims she missed "being babied" because she had to actually get a license and drive herself.

I blame her parents for this! It seems like someone wasn't pushed or taught to be self-efficient. They babied her way too much and didn't give her life skills. Now her only goal is to be TikTok famous and never had to truly work for anything. #KardashianSyndrome

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